Fans theorize about Succession’s villain based on phone choice

Apple reportedly won't let villains use their products

Apply may be inadvertently giving fans of HBO’s Succession a way to deduce the villains.

When Apple pays for product placement, it stipulates that its products can’t be used by the show or movie’s bad guys. At least, we know that for sure up until 2020. The information comes from Rian Johnson, who revealed it in a 2020 video for Vanity Fair. We can’t confirm whether it is still a rule.

When this information was revealed, fans suddenly reflected on their favourite media to search for a villain with an iPhone. None could be found.

Now, fans of Succession are revisiting this bit of trivia to speculate about who might turn out to be the heroes or villains of the show. It’s currently in its fourth and final season, and the final episode will air on May 28th.


Not everyone using apple phones excpet Tom. IYKYK #succession #successionhbo #successiontok #successionhive #successionseason4 #tomwambsgans @hbomax

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TikTok user, @iwannabeonline, noted one character in particular: Tom Wambsgans, played by Matthew Macfadyen. They posted a video with clips of various characters answering their iPhones, except Tom, who brings an Android up to his ear.

However, when this theory was posted to the subreddit r/SuccessionTV, it was called into question. Users suggested that the characters’ work phones are Android, while their personal phones are Apple.

One user pointed out that Roman Roy, played by Kieran Culkin, has an Android phone in the third episode of the second season. Whether this speaks to Roman’s character or takes some heat off of Tom’s is entirely speculation.

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Source: Insider