Google accidentally shared a Pixel Fold ad featuring NBA stars

The company has since made the ad unavailable

Google just gave us the best look yet at its upcoming Pixel Fold ahead of its expected unveiling at I/O 2023.

Thanks to an unlisted advertisement (which was made unavailable as I wrote this story) spotted by 9to5Google, those curious about the Pixel Fold can now enjoy almost three minutes of Fold content featuring NBA players.

Dubbed “Google Pixel x NBA: The Greatest Watch Party,” the video shows the Pixel Fold from several angles and at various stages of ‘folded.’ We see the front cover panel and the Fold being opened. We also see the phone opened partially at a 90-degree angle. Below you can see some screengrabs 9to5 captured from the ad:

The ad shows off some Fold features too, like the ability to seamlessly switch camera feeds by unfolding the device during a video call. Other features that aren’t exclusive to the Fold, like Magic Eraser, appear in the ad too.

Google inadvertently shared the ad when it tweeted a teaser about it on Tuesday afternoon. The tweet encourages fans to “check back in tomorrow” for the “greatest watch party of all time.” The tweet includes several pictures of NBA stars, including MVP Joel Embiid holding the Pixel Fold. The tweet also included a link that redirects to the unlisted Pixel Fold ad.

Unfortunately, the ad doesn’t include details about the Fold’s specs or where it will be available. We’ll likely have to wait until the I/O event this afternoon to learn that information.

Images credit: 9to5Google

Source: Google Via: 9to5Google