Google highlights new Android features, updated ‘Find My Device,’ at I/O 2023

New features are coming to the operating system soon

At Google’s I/O conference, the search giant announced the latest innovations to its Android platform.

Starting off, the company is launching an update to its ‘Find My Device’ experience, powered by a network of millions of Android devices around the world. The network will also be compatible with third-party tracking devices. This feature was previously rumoured, but we now know it will be arriving later this summer.

Next, generative AI is being used to enhance customizations and make your phone “feel even more personal.” Messages will benefit from “magic compose.” Powered by AI, the feature will let you write a message like usual and then select a tone to go with it (e.g. professional, funny, etc.).

The company went on to boost that RCS messaging is now being used by over 800 million users. The company’s goal is to have over a billion RCS users by the end of the year. Following this, we got a customary jab at Apple for not supporting the newer texting standard.

New lock screen customizations are coming to Android as well. Inspired by Apple’s implementation last year, it gives users more granular control over the appearance of the screen.

The company also announced three new wallpaper features being added to the operating system:

  • A new “emoji wallpaper” option that lets you set unique patterns of emojis as your wallpaper. The emojis also react to your input when you touch them.
  • A new “cinematic wallpaper” option that adds 3D and motion effects using AI, resulting in a more dynamic photo with a parallax effect.
  • A new “generative AI wallpaper” option, which lets you use “structured prompts” to create entirely new and original wallpapers.

The first two wallpaper options will arrive next month, while the generative AI option will arrive in the fall.

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