Pixel 6a price reduced to $479 in Canada

The price cut comes just as Google launches its new Pixel 7a

Pixel 6a

With the fancy new Pixel devices announced at Google I/O getting all the attention, it’s easy for previous-generation devices to slip under the radar.

Thankfully, Google is continuing to offer last year’s Pixel 6a — now at a discounted price.

The Pixel 6a, which launched last summer, is now listed for $479 on the Canadian Google website. Its newly-announced successor, the Pixel 7a, is launching at $599.

For reference, the Pixel 6a launched last year with the same $599 price tag that the Pixel 7a is available at.

The Pixel 6a remains a solid mid-range smartphone offering, and the newly discounted price only sweetens the deal for anyone who can get by without the very latest phone in their pocket.

Source: Google