Google quietly drops new Pixel Buds A-Series colour

The new Buds A-Series colour matches one of the Pixel 7a shades

The Pixel Buds A-Series are now available in a new colour: ‘Sea.’

Google didn’t officially announce the new colour during its I/O 2023 presentation and instead revealed it in the background.

The reveal came when Google showed off the Pixel 7a in all four of its colours, and the Pixel Buds alongside them. The Pixel 7a is also available in a similar shade.

The rumours that we would get a new colour, which surfaced in March thanks to a leak on Twitter, turned out to be true. The name was expected to be ‘Sky Blue’ or ‘Arctic Blue,’ though, so ‘Sea’ comes as a surprise.

Unfortunately, the Pixel Buds Pro are not available in the new colour.

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Image credit: Google