Google wants to power your Workspace experience with AI

Changes are coming to Gmail mobile, Docs and more

Google is building on the presence of artificial intelligence in its applications by implementing Duet AI for Google Workspace across the board.

The company will soon roll out Duet AI to Gmail’s mobile app. The feature was already available on Workspace, allowing users to use prompts to complete work on Gmail and Docs. But the rollout will now allow mobile users to generate emails with information, such as names, that automatically fills itself. The feature is in addition to Gmail’s new ‘Help Me Write’ feature. 

Google Docs AI implementation allows users to get a draft simply by entering a topic. Image credit: Google

The company is also making changes to Docs, allowing writers to use the power of AI to help write content. Duet AI will include “smart chips” in the text, data that includes location and status, which the writer can customize.

Aparna Pappu, vice president and general manager at Google Workspace, told attendees at Google I/O the feature will help users “go from concept to completion faster without ever leaving [the] document.”

Upgraded neural models for grammar mean users can have professional-grade writing in Spanish, French, and Japanese, among other languages. New proofreading suggestions will also help users with tone and style.

“Trusted testers” will be able to try out the new generative AI features on Workplace next month. It will be available for business and consumer users later this year.

Duet AI for Google Workspace builds on the company’s AI announcement in March.

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