Images of Motorola’s rumoured foldable Razr 40 leak

Motorola will reportedly unveil the upcoming Razr 40 at the start of June 2023

Moto Razr 40

After multiple leaks and renders, one of Motorola’s upcoming foldables, reportedly named the Razr 40, has leaked in a series of official-looking images, marking what looks to be the end of speculation regarding the phone’s design.

MySmartPrice published the images, which were reportedly acquired by an unnamed source. Despite this, the photos do look to be rather official, and they line up with what is expected from a marking package.

Past reporting originally hinted that the budget foldable would be called the Razr Lite, but the Razr 40 has since stuck as the device’s presumed name. This would align with the rumours of the Lenono-owned brand’s more premium offering being called the Razr 40 Ultra.

A key difference between the two models apart from the price is the screens display size. The Ultra model could feature the largest cover display of any flip phone ever, at 3.5 inches.

MySmartPrice has also noted that the Razr 40 will be available in three ‘”vegan leather” options: ‘Olive,’ ‘Green,’ ‘Purple’ and ‘Cream.’ It’s currently unknown whether these are add-ons or default colour variants of the Razr 40.

Motorola has yet to announce a launch date or event yet. Still, notorious leaker Evan Blass previously indicated June 1st to be the day the company unveils the two Razr 40 series foldables.

There’s currently no word on when the upcoming 2023 Razr models will release, if at all, in Canada. The 2nd-gen Razr never made its way to Canada, meaning Lenovo could choose to do the same with the 2023 models.

The full list of released marketing photos can be found here.

Image credit: MySmartPrice

Source: MySmartPrice Via: Android Police