Project Bloom: an original IP from the developer behind Pokémon

Game Freak is partnering with the publisher Private Division to release an action-adventure game

Game Freak, the Japanese developer best known for the Pokémon series, is creating a new action-adventure game. The developer is partnering with Private Division, the publisher behind Kerbal Space Program and The Outer Worlds, owned by Take-Two Interactive Software. This original IP is currently codenamed Project Bloom.

Little is known about Project Bloom at this time. It’s slated to release in Take-Two’s 2026 fiscal year between April 1st, 2025, and March 31st, 2026.

One piece of concept art was released alongside the announcement (pictured above), wherein a character stands alone in an overgrown and murky forest. Sunlight streams in from the distance, and fireflies dance around them.

Kota Furushima, Game Freak’s director, said his team is “thrilled to have the opportunity to create new IP that is bold and tonally different from [its] prior work.”

Game Freak has mostly focused on Pokemon games over the years, producing more than 30 since 1996. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the company’s most recent releases. However, Game Freak has also developed a handful of other original titles, including Little Town Hero and Giga Wrecker.

“We’re ready to help Game Freak unleash their potential,” Michael Worosz said, head of Private Division and chief strategy officer at Take-Two Interactive. “and we’re honoured to be the first Western publisher to work alongside this exceptionally talented and proven team to bring a bold new IP to market.”

Image credit: Game Freak/Private Division

Sources: Private Division Via: Engadget