YouTube experiments with blocking ad blockers

The move comes YouTube tries to push Premium subscriptions


YouTube is testing a new way to discourage users from using ad blockers.

Reddit user ‘Sazk100’ reported seeing a popup message on YouTube that said “Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube.” The message asked the user to allow YouTube ads in their ad-blocking software and explained that ads support the free service for billions of users. It also offered a button to sign up for YouTube Premium, which provides an ad-free experience along with other benefits.

Apparently Ad Blockers are not allowed on Youtube. Is this a new thing they’ve implemented?
by u/Sazk100 in youtube

LightCodeGaming, a moderator in the r/youtube subreddit, confirmed that YouTube is currently conducting an experiment that blocks ad blockers from blocking ads on the platform.

It looks like the experiment is being conducted in a very limited capacity, as there has only been one report of it so far.

Last year, Google managed to shut down YouTube Vanced, a popular third-party YouTube app that offered an ad-free experience without a Premium subscription. This test shows that Google is determined to maintain its ad-supported revenue model and wants to make sure that the only way to avoid ads on YouTube is by paying $11.99 a month for a Premium subscription.

Source: Reddit ‘Sazk100’ Via: Engadget