Chipolo launches new trackers to pair with Android’s Find My Device

Stop bothering your friends and family with questions about where you left your keys, and ask Android instead

Two new types of trackers are coming for Android phones from Chipolo, shortly after Google announced a significant update to Android’s ‘Find My Device’ feature at Google I/O. They’re available for preorder and will begin shipping in July.

The first tracker, called Chipolo ‘One Point,’ is small and about the size of a toonie. It comes with a hole so that it can be attached easily to car keys and straps, but you could also place it in whatever you want to track, like a bag.

The second tracker, called Chipolo ‘Card Point,’ is the size of your average credit card. There are no holes in it, but the size makes it convenient for wallets.

The trackers have the exact same range: 60 feet (196.85 meters). Both of the trackers also make a sound louder than 100 decibels. The One Point is slightly louder, at 120dB. The Card Point clocks in at 105dB.

As far as batteries go, the main difference is that the One Point has a one-year battery life, but the battery is removable. The CARD Point has a two-year battery life, but you’ll need to buy a new one afterwards. Chipolo does offer a renewal program where you can bring your old CARD Point in and get the new one for half off.

Image Credit: Chipolo

Android’s update to ‘Find My Device’ will allow users to find a device they left far away, like at the gym or their workplace, by using other nearby Android devices. If your device is sending up a signal, it can be picked up by the phone of someone else at the gym, for example, and that information can then be passed to you. Google is also working with Apple to standardize ‘unknown tracker alerts,’ which can tell you if a tracker your phone doesn’t recognize is following you. You can read our full coverage of these changes here.

If you’re interested, preorders for these trackers are open now on Chipolo’s website. Chipolo One Point will set you back $28 USD (about $37.77 CAD), while Chipolo Card Point costs $35 USD (roughly $47.21 CAD). There’s also a bundle which includes two One Points and one Card Point. It’s usually $91 USD ($122.76 CAD), but it’s on sale right now for $77 USD ($103.87 CAD).

Note that these Chipolo trackers are specifically designed for Android’s ‘Find My Device.’ Chipolo offers similar trackers designed for Apple’s ‘Find My App,’ called Chipolo One Spot and Chipolo Card Spot, respectively. They also make trackers that work with their own app, simply called Chipolo One and Chipolo Card.

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Image credit: Chipolo

Sources: Chipolo Via: The Verge