Elon Musk hires new Twitter CEO, plans to step down in 6 weeks

The billionaire will transition to the roll of CTO and executive chair

Elon Musk with Twitter logo

Owner and CEO of Twitter Elon Musk has announced that he has hired someone to take over his role at the company. He says that the new CEO will begin the job in roughly six weeks.

In the same Tweet, Musk confirmed that his new role at the company will be CTO and executive chair.

Besides the short post, we don’t have much information to go off of. The only thing we know about who Musk has hired as CEO is that she is a woman.

Back in December, Musk conducted a Twitter poll asking users if he should step down from the position. Users voted for him to step down, which he agreed to eventually abide by.

In February, the billionaire said that Twitter wasn’t ready for a new CEO yet. It looks like the social media company is now close to ready for the transition.

Twitter has been the subject of significant controversy since being taken over by Musk last year.

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Source: @elonmusk