Fumi Games unveils ‘Mouse’ with a Cuphead-inspired art style

The FPS game is currently in development

Mouse gameplay

If you finished playing the Canadian-made Cuphead and can’t stop thinking about its 1930’s cartoon aesthetic, Fumi Games has you covered. The independent game development studio is hard at work on a game called Mouse, with an art style inspired by the success of Studio MDHR‘s 2017 hit.

Mouse sees the protagonist John Mouston blast his way through a city run down by crooks and mobsters. The gameplay is inspired by both classic first-person shooter (PFS) games and noir films, according to Fumi Games.

On the official website, the company lists that the game will support PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. The title’s release date is currently listed as “TBA.”

The massive success of Cuphead proves that there’s an appetite for games that stray away from the usual goal of graphical realism. While there’s nothing wrong with chasing true-to-life visuals in a game, the charm of 1930’s swing animation is downright undeniable.

Beyond the art style, the game itself looks like it’ll be a fun romp. Of course, we’ll have to reserve our judgement until development is complete.

Image credit: Fumi Games

Source: Fumi Games Via Engadget