Google is working on a new AR Space Invaders game, quarters not required

The new spin on the arcade classic is set to release sometime in the summer of 2023

Space Invaders AR

Google is partnering with Japanese arcade legends Taito to produce a new augmented reality (AR) Space Invaders game for mobile.

The new title based on the 1978 arcade cabinet classic is called Space Invaders: World Defense and will likely use tools such as ARCore and Google’s recently announced Geospatial Creator to bring the shoot em’ up action to users’ real-world surroundings.

In a teaser GIF posted to Twitter, the game looks exactly as you would imagine. Iconic Space Invader aliens appear over the sky before being targeted and blasted to smithereens. Although the game is still likely early in development,  it still looks awesome. I mean, come on — it’s an AR alien shooter.

Both Google and Taito also posted a promotional video that is pretty vague, so more information is likely to follow as the game develops. The Space Invaders: World Defense website also doesn’t provide much more insight into the coming title, with the same promo video and basic description of the game being featured.

“The future of the Earth is in your hand!” The game boasts. “Enjoy the classic gameplay in a whole new dimension: explore, find, and defeat Space Invaders in your neighborhood!”

The game’s website also has a screen grab of what looks to be a Space Invaders ship taking out aliens in a wireframe trench… so keep a look out for whatever that might be when it releases.

Space Invaders: World Defense is set to release in the summer of 2023, giving you plenty of time to track down your local dingy, pizza-grease-stained arcade and shake off the alien-slaying rust.

Remember, the future of Earth is in your hands.

Image credit: Space Invaders (screenshot)

Source: Google/Taito Via: The Verge