Gylt saved from Stadia’s sunken ship, coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam in July

This survival horror game is getting a second life

In the game Gylt, a teenage girl is shining her flashlight on a creature to freeze it.

Gylt is a survival horror game from Tequila Works coming to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Steam in July. Previously, it was one of the few games that was exclusive to Google’s Stadia game streaming platform.

In Gylt, you play as a schoolgirl named Sally. You’re on a hunt to find your missing cousin, Emily, but ultimately get lost in a world of nightmares. You’ll need to solve some puzzles and face opponents on your quest to escape.

Google’s Stadia streaming platform allowed users to stream games without a dedicated console. The platform officially shut down in January 2023, with Google stating it didn’t gain the “traction with users that we expected.”

This left games like Gylt, which were exclusive as a way to promote the service, entirely unavailable. The port to consoles and PC means Gylt has another shot to make an impression on a wider audience.

Image credit: Tequila Works

Via: Engadget