Meta is pulling support for Messenger on Apple Watch

The app will be phased out starting in late May

Meta logo

Twitter users are pointing out a new notification being sent to their Apple Watches. The message states that Facebook Messenger will be delisted from the Apple Watch after May 31.

A Meta spokesperson has since confirmed the company’s intention to shutter support for the app on the Apple Watch, in a statement provided to Review Geek (via MacRumors).

“People can still receive Messenger notifications on their Apple Watch when paired, but starting at the end of May they will no longer be able to respond from their watch. But they can continue using Messenger on their iPhone, desktop and the web,” the spokesperson says.

The company has not provided an official reason for discontinuing the app, nor has it made any official announcement beyond the statement above.

It’s possible that user interaction with the watch-optimised app is below Meta’s expectations, but it’s all speculation at this point.

In other Meta-related news, the company recently reaffirmed its plans to block news access in Canada in response to Bill C-18 (the Online Streaming Act).

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Source: @M_anda_M Via: MacRumors, Review Geek