Meta rolls out new AI focused tools for advertisers

The expansion includes new features for Meta Advantage

Meta logo on sign

Meta is implementing “powerful AI models” through several features and tools that will improve performance across its ads business.

One such new tool is called AI Sandbox for advertisers.

Meta calls this a “testing playground” for new tools and features the company releases. “Our goal is to learn what works for advertisers and make these features easy to use in our ads tools,” Meta wrote in a blog post.

One feature that Meta is starting with is called “background generation.” This allows advertisers to select background images through text inputs.

A second feature focuses on the copy of the ad through “text variation.” This tool will create several versions of text to highlight different aspects of an ad, allowing advertisers to select the best messages for different types of audiences.

The company says it’s testing AI Sandbox with a small handful of advertisers to gather feedback and will expand access in July.

The company is also adding new features to Meta Advantage, their set of automation products that help improve the reach of ads. One of the new features allows advertisers to use videos in catalogue ads, an area previously reserved for images.

Meta hints these changes are just the beginning and to expect more AI-focused improvements down the road.

“This is a closer look at our efforts to use AI to improve the performance of ads for business, but certainly not all we are exploring. We think there is a big opportunity across all of our apps to apply AI to improve the experiences for both advertisers and people.”

Image credit: Shutterstock