Rogers offering Fido customers special $64.99/mo Ignite 1.5 Gigabit deal

The plan normally costs $124.99 per month

Rogers is back again with special internet offers for Fido customers.

A new email from the company is offering its 1.5 Gigabit Ignite internet to Fido customers for $64.99/mo for two years. The plan usually costs $124.99/mo.

Moreover, the offer includes “set-up and installation on us (valued at $149.99)” and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Rogers’ exclusive internet offer for Fido customers.

Per the fine print, the offer is available for a limited time to “eligible existing customers where access permits.” Moreover, it warns that the deal works as a credit applied to the current price of the internet plan during the promotional period, which means Rogers is free to jack the base plan price, and while you’ll still get the discount, your price can increase during that two-year period.

Customers who receive the offer are directed to call the number included in the email to get it.

It’s worth noting that Rogers has done similar promos before. Back in March, I received almost an identical offer but for $69.99/mo and with a $39/mo set-up fee.

Fido customers should keep an eye on their inbox for this offer if they’re interested in getting a better internet package.