Small developers doing well in App Store, Apple-sponsored study finds

The study found that small developers grew their revenue by 71 percent over two years

App Store app on home screen

Apple has released the results of a new study, finding that small developers have grown their App Store revenue by 71 percent over the past two years. The data from the study is from a period of time between 2020 and 2022.

“An independent study found resilience in small developers, whose growth outpaces large developers,” says Apple in a press release.

In the press relesae, the company defines “small developers” as being those who earn up to $1 million USD (about $1.3 million CAD) a year, and with fewer than 1 million annual downloads.

In the U.S. specifically, this particular group of developers saw an average increase of 83 percent in earnings in the same two-year period.

Apple boasts of the positive impact its App Store is having on small developers at a time of increased scrutiny. Regulators in the EU have put forth the ‘Digital Markets Act,’ which will require Apple to allow the installation of third-party apps on alternative storefronts.

Apple is reportedly planning to allow third-party app stores on iOS, though nothing is confirmed yet.

On the topic of the App Store, Epic Games has recently lost an appeal against Apple in its ongoing antitrust legal battle.

App Store policies have also been recently criticized by both Twitter owner Elon Musk and Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek.

Source: Apple Via: MacRumors