Apple Watch’s Fall Detection saved two lives in hit-and-run and blood clot cases

Fall Detection automatically calls 911 and sends a message with the user’s location to their emergency contacts after a hard fall

The Apple Watch is more than just a smartwatch. It’s also a lifesaver.

That’s what two Apple Watch users discovered recently when they experienced a fall and an accident that triggered the device’s Fall Detection feature, which automatically called 911 (via MacRumors).

One of the users was Michael Brodkorb, who lives in Minnesota, as shared by CBS News. He was walking outside his house when he was struck by a vehicle. “Took a few steps out into the street and the car came around the corner and just hit me,” he said. “I just was shocked. I mean, just the sheer force of what it’s like to get hit by a vehicle.”

The impact knocked him down and left him with broken ribs and a fractured tailbone. He was unable to move or call for help, but his Apple Watch did it for him.

Alongside calling 911, the watch also notified Brodkorb’s wife and children. Thanks to the quick response, he was able to receive medical attention and survive the ordeal. He later emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook to thank him for the device and received a reply wishing him a speedy recovery.

The other incident took place in Cincinnati, Ohio, with 83-year-old William Fryer, as shared by WCPO. He was walking on a trail along the Ohio River when his knees suddenly gave out. He fell to the ground and lost consciousness. No one was nearby to help him, but his Apple Watch sensed the fall and called 911, as well as alerting his daughter and son-in-law. The police found Fryer with the Watch’s GPS, and he was taken to a nearby hospital. There, he learned that he had a large blood clot that caused his fall, but he had not shown any typical symptoms of it. He underwent surgery to remove the clot and said he owed his life to his Apple Watch.

The Fall Detection feature on the Apple Watch is designed to detect hard falls using sensors and algorithms. It then asks the user if they are OK or if they need help. If the user does not respond within a minute, it automatically calls 911 and sends a message with the user’s location to their emergency contacts.

Source: CBS New, WCPO Via: MacRumors