Toyota reveals potential location breach involving two million vehicles

Toyota says that issue has since been resolved

Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota recently disclosed that the location of over two million of its cars could have been breached between November 6, 2013, and April 17, 2023.

The exact number clocks out somewhere around 2,150,000, with the vehicle’s GPS and navigation terminal ID number, the chassis number, and the location, with time data specifically at risk.

That information is related to Toyota’s cloud-based Connected service, which means that customers using the car’s services, such as Toyota Connected, G-Link, and G-Book were potentially affected.

To make matters worse, the company also stated that video recordings from the outside of the car could have been potentially leaked as part of the breach.

Toyota has gone on to say that the breach has not shown that any data has been misused, just that the possibility of it being accessed was realistic. Additionally, while the data included location information, there was no personally identifiable information, meaning no individual human tracking was likely to occur.

The company has said that issue has been resolved, even if ten years too late. For those Toyota owners wondering if their vehicle was affected, the car giant says it has sent apology letters to all those personally impacted and set up a call center to answer questions related to the incident.

Source: Toyota Via: Digital Trends