Google is rolling out Birthday notifications for Contacts

The feature is rolling out now in 'version 4.7.26.x' of Google Contacts

Google Contacts is finally catching up with key features for managing and adding contacts on Android devices. Users are reporting seeing an option to keep track of their contacts’ birthdays within the app.

As shared by 9to5Google, users are seeing a new add birthdays card that lets users quickly add birthdays to their contacts. The first hint of birthday reminders in Contacts came in March, when some users noticed a new For you section in the Highlights tab. This section showed a card with upcoming birthdays and suggested actions like sending a message or calling the contact. The feature was not widely available at the time and did not allow users to add or edit birthdays.

A subsequent update brought the ability to add birthday notifications for individual contacts. Users could tap on the three-dot menu in the top right corner of a contact’s page and select Add birthday notification, which would create a reminder in the Google Calendar app for that contact’s birthday.

Now, some users are seeing another improvement in the For you section: an Add Birthdays card that lets users quickly add birthdays to their contacts. The card appears for users who have contacts without birthdays and prompts them to fill in the missing information, as pointed out by 9to5Google. Tapping on the card opens a list of all contacts, with a cake icon next to those who need a birthday. Users can then tap on the icon and enter the date of birth for those contacts.

The feature is rolling out now in version 4.7.26.x of Google Contacts.

Source: 9to5Google