Today is the last day to get Koodo’s $39/20GB plan

Other providers are still offering the plan

Last week, Telus flanker brand Koodo added a $39/mo 20GB promo plan to match offers from Freedom, Fido and Virgin Plus. Today is the last day to claim that plan at Koodo, barring any last-minute surprises.

Koodo’s website lists May 15th as the end date for the $39/20GB plan. That means if you were thinking about scoring the deal at Koodo, you shouldn’t wait any longer.

Of course, if you don’t care which provider you go with, Freedom, Fido and Virgin Plus all still have the $39/20GB offer and none of them have added an end date as of yet. It’s possible some could follow Koodo and end the promotion today, but I’m confident at least one provider will keep it going.

Alternatively, you could go for another hot deal: Virgin Plus just added a $55/mo 50GB promo plan.

You can view Koodo’s plans here.