New rumour backs up WWDC launch date for Apple’s headset

An Apple-designed AR/VR headset has been rumoured for many years

Mockup of Apple Headset

Apple will reportedly unveil its long-awaited mixed reality (MR) headset at WWDC in June, according to a new prediction from respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo posted to Medium. The headset is expected to arrive with elements of both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

The WWDC 2023 timeframe for the announcement of the headset “bodes well for supply chain share price,” says Kuo.

  1. He goes on to say that “the headset device will soon become the most important new investment trend in the consumer electronics sector if Apple’s AR/MR headset announcement is better than expected.”

Kuo goes into more detail about the various suppliers of the device in his writeup. “Cowell,” he says, “will be the largest beneficiary in terms of revenue and profit contribution to suppliers.”

The illusive Apple-made headset was previously reported to have had its release pushed back from April to June. As time has progressed, we’ve gotten a clearer image of what to expect when the product is finally unveiled.

The headset is rumoured to be called “Reality Pro,” and will apparently offer an iOS-like operating system. A home screen populated with app icons will resemble other Apple software, in order to give off a familiar look and feel. Optimised versions of Safari, FaceTime, Maps, and more are also rumoured for the device.

Back in March, it was also reported that some Apple employees have concerns over the headset. The New York Times reported that some engineers aren’t sold on its utility, and that it lacks the “killer app” it needs to take off as a new product category.

Despite these alleged worries, all rumours continue to point to WWDC as the keynote to pay attention to.

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Source: Ming-Chi Kuo Via: MacRumors