Virgin Plus rolls out $55/mo 50GB promo plan

The plan is only available for new activations

Bell flanker brand Virgin Plus added a $55/mo 50GB promo plan over the weekend, expanding on the existing $39/20GB promotional plan.

The new Virgin plan is only for new activations, and unfortunately, the provider’s website doesn’t include any additional information about how long the deal will stick around for. Along with the 50GB of data, the plan includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes and messaging.

Virgin’s $55/50GB plan as of May 15th, 2023

Overall, the deal seems like a pretty good offer for anyone who needs a ton of data. Sure, it’s only 50GB of 4G LTE data, but in my experience, Canadian 5G isn’t good enough to justify paying nearly twice as much for half the data. Moreover, this deal is one of the best I’ve seen since the infamous $45/50GB Black Friday 2022 deal (and that one was only good for 24 months).

So far, Fido, Koodo and Freedom Mobile haven’t matched Virgin Plus’ offer, though Koodo reportedly has offered a $55/50GB plan to some existing customers. If you are a Koodo customer, you may want to check your account for a potentially stellar deal.

You can check out the Virgin Plus plan here.