A bundle of all of BioWare’s best RPGs costs less than $30 right now

The sale includes all of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition -- Shepard aims gun at Reaper in distance

A bundle that includes every published Dragon Age and Mass Effect game for PC is available on Steam for $26.42.

Normally, all these games cost $254.95. If you’ve ever had so much as a fleeting thought about trying out these franchises from Canadian developer BioWare, this is your sign.

The bundle includes:

  • Dragon Age: Origins, Ultimate Edition
  • Dragon Age 2, Ultimate Edition
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition, Game of the Year Edition
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda, Deluxe Edition
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

You won’t just get the base games. These are all the upgraded editions of the games, which means you’ll get all the DLC for every game, too. There’s another bonus in the case of the base Mass Effect games; the Legendary Edition is a remaster of the original trilogy with improved graphics and gameplay.

The bundle is part of a Steam publisher sale from BioWare’s parent company, Electronic Arts. The BioWare Mega Collection is one of the best deals available during the sale, at a whopping 90 percent off.

Both the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises are expecting new entries soon(ish), so, even if you’re already familiar with the series, now is a great time to revisit them. It’s worth noting that even if you’ve already purchased some of these games, the deal can still save you money to add the rest to your collection.

The publisher sale ends May 28th, 2023.