Bing AI widget for iOS and Android coming this week

Users will also be able to pick up their browser Bing AI chats from where they left off directly on their mobile device

AI chatbot innovations and upgrades are taking place all across the industry.

AI startup Anthropic has pushed its Cluade chatbot’s context window to process 75k words, while Google announced several key updates to its Bard AI during its annual I/O event.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is adding support for web browsing and plugins for ChatGPT Plus users, and now Microsoft is announcing updates for its Bing AI.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft announced a slew of updates for Bing AI and Edge earlier this month, different from the ones announced today.

The company is now bringing its Bing AI chatbot to Edge mobile, alongside a Bing widget for iOS and Android and an option for continuous Bing AI chats between mobile and desktop.

Users will be able to pick up their chats from where they left off directly on their mobile device. The feature is rolling out today for iOS and Android and should be widely available within the next week.

Further, the contextual chat, similar to the sidebar-aligned chat on the desktop version of Edge will make its way to Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android. The feature essentially lets the mobile version of the Edge browser read the context of a website you’re browsing, like asking questions about the webpage or asking for a summarization of whatever is on the webpage.

According to Microsoft, the new Edge feature will be available for mobile users “soon.”

Lastly, the company is also bringing a Bing Chat widget to iOS and Android for ease of access. The widget will display a Bing icon that will direct users straight to Bing Chat alongside a microphone icon to dictate questions. The widget will roll out sometime this week.

Read more about the updates here.

Source: Microsoft Via: The Verge