Canada is the 19th most expensive country for mobile data: report

Mobile data in Canada costs 26 times more than in France and 115 times more than Israel

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Yet another report says Canada has some of the highest mobile prices in the world.

According to a report from HelloSafe, a platform that compares financial and insurance products for Canadians, Canada is the 19th most expensive country for mobile data in the world.

HelloSafe collected data from a variety of sources to build the report, including data from ‘Cable.co.uk‘ and from the Canadian government’s “Canadian and International Wireline, Wireless and Internet Price Comparisons” report. You can read more about that report here.

The HelloSafe report includes an interactive map that highlights the price of a single gigabyte of mobile data in each country in Canadian dollars. Canada comes in at $7.75, slightly ahead of the U.S. at $7.33.

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Yemen and Botswana land in the number one and two spots with $21.62 and $20.48 data, respectively. New Zealand is also ahead of Canada at $8.77.

The report highlights that 1GB of data costs 26 times more in Canada than in France and 155 times more in Canada than it does in Israel. Israel actually has some of the cheapest data in the world, charging an average of just $0.05 per gigabyte.

Within Canada, Saskatchewan has the most affordable mobile plans at an average cost of $16, which HelloSafe attributes to SaskTel, the province’s publicly-operated wireless provider.

Prices only go up from there — Ontario is the second cheapest at an average price of $24, B.C. and Quebec tie for third at $26, and the rest of the provinces cost between $28 and $30 (with most falling on the $30 side of that range).

You can view the full report here.