Elon Musk acquires Laskie, a tech job matcher

It might be part of developing Musk's "everything app"

Elon Musk on SNL

Laskie, a startup company that helps employers recruit technical talent, has reportedly been acquired by Twitter’s new parent company, X Corp. This is Elon Musk’s first acquisition at Twitter’s helm.

Laskie was founded in 2021 by CEO Chris Bakke.

Its purpose is to connect companies looking for new employees to experts in the field looking for a new job. For the employer, Laskie says on LinkedIn that it helps get “high-quality candidates faster.” For employees, Laskie promises to make “your job search faster, more efficient, and less stressful.” It’s specifically targeted at tech talent and companies.

Under Musk’s leadership, Twitter has made headlines for its finances. Last November, Twitter laid off half of its employees and Musk refused to pay “hundreds of thousands” dollars in travel bills for Twitter executives. Musk described his revamped Twitter subscription service, Twitter Blue, as a way to “pay the bills.”

It’s been speculated that the acquisition is related to Musk’s plans to build an “everything app.”

Musk created a new company, called X Corp, which merged with Twitter and now owns its social media platform. X Corp is the official acquirer of Laskie. It’s on brand with his “everything app,” which he tweeted would be called “X,” and his artificial intelligence company, called X.AI.

Source: Axios Via: Gizmodo