Google Calendar now works better with Microsoft Outlook

Hopefully calendar invitations become less of a headache going forward

Google Calendar widget

Google’s popular Calendar service is receiving an update that opens up its compatibility with Microsoft’s calendar system, the company writes in a new blog post.

The following changes are included as part of the update:

  • Microsoft Outlook users who also have a Google Calendar with the same email address can receive Google Calendar invitations and RSVPs in Outlook.
  • A default meeting reminder will be generated in Microsoft Outlook if the invitation was created in Google Calendar to help make sure guests using Outlook do not miss events.
  • Non-Google Calendar recurring events will be more systematically and accurately updated in Google Calendar.

According to the company, the added functionality is available now to all Google Workspace customers, with no rollout period to worry about. Anyone with a personal Google Account, as well as those with legacy G Suite Basic or Business accounts, will benefit from the changes.

In this post-COVID age of frequent online meetings and increased remote work, anything to make calendar invites less fiddly is extremely welcome.

It’s somewhat unusual to see Google play nice with its rival Microsoft. While Calendar interoperability with Outlook is a step in the right direction, Google continues to stubbornly refuse to publish its apps onto the Microsoft Store.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google