Google says it fixed issue causing battery drain, overheating on Pixels

As suspected, the Google app was the culprit

Google says it fixed an issue causing battery drain and overheating on Pixel phones and some other Android devices.

Following numerous reports about a recent Google app update causing problems for users, the search giant confirmed the update was the culprit and says it applied a fix.

“We identified the root cause of the issue being a recent Google app backend change that unintentionally resulted in these issues,” explained a community manager on Google’s Pixel Phone Help forum. They go on to say that Google’s fix should “take effect for impacted users immediately,” and there’s no user action needed.

It remains to be seen if Google’s fix actually makes a difference for those impacted. I noted that my Pixel 7a had battery issues that might be related to the problem, but it’s too earlier to tell if the fix has improved anything for me yet.

While it’s good that Google fixed the issue so quickly, it’s frustrating that it even happened in the first place.

Source: Google Via: GSMArena