Koodo offering some customers $55/50GB promo plan

Check your Koodo offers for the deal


Update May 17th, 2023 at 1:01pm ET: Koodo added and then removed a version of the $55/50GB on its website, briefly making it available to new customers and people who didn’t get the offer detailed below.

Koodo appears to be offering a $55/mo 50GB plan to some existing customers.

MobileSyrup reader shared that they received an offer from Koodo for a $55/50GB plan, which includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes and messaging, as well as a free perk.

Unfortunately, Koodo doesn’t list a similar plan on its website — this seems to be an exclusive offer for some existing customers. Koodo customers can check their offers by heading to the provider’s self-serve portal.

Koodo’s $55/50GB promo plan for existing customers.

The details corroborate recent reports about Koodo’s promotional offer.

Koodo’s $55/50GB plan for existing customers comes as Virgin Plus offers the same plan for new customers. In other words, Koodo customers who don’t receive the $55/50GB plan can jump ship to Virgin to get it instead. Learn more about Virgin’s plan here.

Moreover, Koodo, Fido, Virgin and Freedom were offering a $39/mo 20GB plan. However, Koodo stopped offering the plan on May 15th while the others still have it.