Nothing CEO Carl Pei reviews Apple’s AirPods Pro 2

Pei mentions that he prefers the sound quality on the Nothing Ear 2

Carl Pei, the CEO of Nothing and co-founder of OnePlus, reviewed Apple’s (2nd-Gen) AirPods Pro on the Nothing YouTube channel.

Overall, the video is very genuine. He notes that Apple designed the first truly wireless earbuds and praises how far the company has come with the technology.

However, he also maintains the 2nd-Gen AirPods Pro are more generic and minimalistic.

Pei also discusses how difficult it is to make the Nothing Ear (2)s because of their transparent plastic. He then shows behind-the-scenes footage of the manufacturing plant and how humid they need to keep it so dust doesn’t get into the transparent part. He even compares the manufacturing centre to a rainforest. Pei also notes that Nothing rejects up to 30 percent of the final products from the line because they feature too much dust.

Later in the video, Pei points out that the Nothing Ear (2) costs roughly $100 USD (roughly $135 CAD) less than the (2nd-Gen) AirPods Pro and will have you stand out from the crowd while wearing them. He also notes that he thinks the Ear (2) sounds better, but that the AirPods Pro’s noise cancellation is better than the Ear (2)’s.

Interestingly, Pei also says that most Ear (2) users own Apple devices, which I wouldn’t expect.

He concludes the review by noting that both devices are great products. The video ends with him holding a blurred phone, which is likely the Nothing Phone (2) that’s expected to release this summer.

Source: Nothing (YouTube) Via: Android Authority