Bell and Telus want the federal government to help them gain network access on the TTC

The Globe and Mail reports the companies have reached out to Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne

Bell and Telus have petitioned the federal government to ensure Rogers will allow their customers to access wireless services on the TTC, the Globe and Mail reports.

Rogers acquired the rights to the wireless network in April and said it was open to working with other providers to ensure all riders have coverage.

However, the Globe reports executives from Bell and Telus are disappointed with the rate of negotiations. They’re worried Rogers is “attempting to gain a commercial advantage” by prolonging the delay for non-Rogers customers to access the network.

Bell and Telus offered to buy the contract after Rogers acquired the rights. However, the TTC said that wouldn’t be possible. A company spokesperson called it a “private business transaction/acquisition,” and other companies “could have entered into [one] at any time over the past 12 years.”

The news follows two warnings from Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne calling on carriers to work together.

He shared the first on April 19th in a letter addressed to Bell, Telus, Rogers and Vidéotron. Following a lack of action, the Minister issued a second warning on April 28th, stating the government would “take action” if they didn’t come to a suitable agreement.

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Source: The Globe and Mail