Pixel Call Screen recordings start including Assistant’s audio

Now you can get a better idea of how the conversation went

Google Pixel smartphones have a handy feature called ‘Call Screen’ that, as the name implies, allows Google Assistant to screen incoming calls. This is a super helpful feature for making sure you want to pick up a call before you actually answer the phone, and it’s about to get more useful.

It seems that Call Screen will now save the Assistant’s audio as well as the caller’s audio, which should make it easier for people to review screened calls. Currently, Call Screen offers an option to save audio after using the feature, but until now, the saved audio only includes what the caller said.

Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii shared on Twitter that he had the new Call Screen feature and shared a video clip of the recording (it’s worth noting that the video clip is not part of Call Screen). In the clip, the Assistant’s audio sounds very clear.

It remains uncertain how widespread the change is, or whether it’s a test from Google or a full-fledged new feature. Either way, keep your eyes open for it on your Pixel.

Along with the recording option, Call Screen also shows a live transcription of the call while it’s running, and users can go back into the Phone app to review the transcript after the call.

Source: Artem Russakovskii Via: Android Police