Koodo rolls out yet another plan change, now with $50/30GB, $62/50GB offers

Another day, another Koodo plan change

Koodo logo on a smartphone.

Update May 19th, 2023 at 9:27am ET: Koodo’s $50/mo 30GB plan briefly disappeared from Koodo’s website Friday morning before returning with a $5/mo bill credit for 24 months, knocking the price down to $45 to match Virgin and Fido.

Telus flanker brand Koodo has changed its plans again.

Yesterday, the provider was all over the place, rolling out a $55/50GB plan and then removing it just to launch new promos later. Now Koodo has more new plans to match offers from Fido and Virgin Plus.

First, Koodo added a $50/mo 30GB plan to compete with Fido’s $55/mo 30GB plan (which can go down to $50 with automatic payments). However, Koodo doesn’t seem to have matched the $5/mo credit for 24 months that Fido and Virgin Plus are both offering on that 30GB plan that can lower the cost to $45/mo.

Koodo’s $50/30GB plan is only available for bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) customers.

Koodo’s plans as of May 18th, 2023.

Second, Koodo added a $62/mo 50GB plan alongside the promotional $62/25GB promo plan it launched yesterday. It’s not entirely clear why Koodo added the $62/50GB promo plan since most other providers don’t have a similarly-priced plan (Freedom is closest with a $65/45GB plan).

Koodo’s $62/50GB plan sports an end date of May 23rd, 2023, as with most of the provider’s other promos. However, the $50/30GB doesn’t list an end date. Interestingly, Koodo also dropped the May 23rd end date from its $39/20GB plan.

You can check out Koodo’s plans here (at least until the provider changes them again).