Virgin Plus rolls out $45/30GB plan, brings back $39/20GB offer

A $5/mo credit reduces the 30GB plan from $50 to $45 for 24 months

Virgin Plus logo on iPhone

Earlier this week, Virgin Plus killed its $39/20GB and $55/50GB promotional plans. Now the Bell flanker brand has brought back its $39/20GB plan alongside a new $50/30GB plan.

Virgin’s $50/30GB promotional plan can be combined with a $5/mo credit for 24 months, bringing the price down to $45/mo. Unfortunately, the plan is only for new activations.

Virgin Plus’ plans as of May 18th, 2023.

The offer appears to be a match to Fido’s $55/mo 30GB plan, which, when combined with the provider’s automatic payments credit and a separate $5/mo for 24 months credit, can be reduced to $45/mo. Koodo also now has a $50/30GB plan, though at the time of writing, Koodo didn’t have an additional credit.

As for the $39/20GB plan, it’s the same as before. Virgin seemed to remove the plan after Koodo killed its $39/20GB offer, but Fido kept it around and Koodo brought it back — now Virgin has it back too.

You can check out Virgin Plus’ offers here.