Bell-owned Lucky Mobile increases 3G speeds to 10Mbps

The move matches Chatr's 3G speeds, leaving Public Mobile as the odd one out

Lucky Mobile says it has increased the speeds of its 3G plans.

According to a post on its community forum, speeds can now reach up to 10Mbps.

“This means you can stream and video call from your phone in HD without the need for Wi-Fi,” the post reads. Users can access the new speeds by restarting their devices.

3G speeds from the Bell-owned brand were previously a measly 3Mbps.

As iPhone in Canada points out, the brand now matches 3G speeds offered by Rogers-owned Chatr. Both companies also offer 4G speeds up to 150Mbps.

But Telus-owned Public Mobile isn’t on the same page.

The fine print on the company’s website shows 3G plans have a download speed of 3Mbps. Its 4G plans can also only reach up to 100Mbps.

But with Lucky Mobile recently making the change, it’s possible Public Mobile will follow close behind.

Source: Lucky Mobile Via: iPhone in Canada