Head of New York City’s public schools lifts ban on ChatGPT

Chancellor David Banks said the chatbot caught schools "off guard"

AI chatbot

New York’s public school system is changing its tone on ChatGPT.

After placing the AI chatbot’s website on a restricted list in early January, the school system is now encouraging teachers and students to explore the “game-changing technology.”

David Banks, the chancellor of the city’s public school system, said the chatbot caught schools “off guard” in “knee-jerk fear” of potential misuse.

“Like many others, we had much to learn about the promise and perils of AI in our schools and communities,” Banks wrote in an op-ed on Chalkbeat. “While initial caution was justified, it has now evolved into an exploration and careful examination of this new technology’s power and risks.”

The board will provide teachers with resources showing how AI has been successfully implemented in schools to improve administrative tasks, communication, and teaching.

“We will educate our students about the significant ethical concerns that many leaders in tech and government are contemplating, which both educators and students are already discussing in their classes,” Banks concluded. “However, we will also ensure our students are supported by AI’s opportunities and prepared for the jobs of today and the future.”

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Source: Chalkbeat