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What’s your favourite book-reading app?

I'm currently using Apple Books and Libby, what about you?

Kobo Elipsa 2E

I love books, and I’ve been reading a lot this year to improve my writing and find it fun. However, since I refuse to use my glasses, the print is usually too small and gives me headaches. So I use my iPad or smartphone and increase that font size, so I’m not straining my eyes.

However, I can never choose which book-reading app I’d like to use. Sometimes I use Apple Books, Kobo, Play Books, and even the library app Libby. Still, I can’t figure out which I prefer. I like that Kobo and Libby are pretty usable on both Android and iOS. Although Libby is a library app, books are sometimes in use, meaning you can’t always get the books you like.

Play Books is pretty great, but you can’t purchase new books when you’re on iOS, and sometimes, your whole library doesn’t show up.

Apple Book is good, but I don’t like its horizontal view, which doesn’t work on Android.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite book-reading app is.