Android’s new background Reading Mode is an accessibility win for everyone

Reading Mode Version 1.1 has something that everyone can use

Android 14

When Android’s Reading Mode launched last December, it could help you adjust the size and type of font being used and read the text aloud to you. A new update means that you can now listen to the text being read even while the screen is off or when you’re using other apps.

The Reading Mode app is primarily meant as an accessibility feature. It allows people who might have difficulty reading on their phones to increase the font size or listen to it instead. Even if you just get distracted by all the ads on the average article, this app can help.

The new update can support people who may not have considered an accessibility aid before. Many of us struggle to keep up with the news or our preferred outlets. With the Reading Mode, those articles can become, as Android Police puts it, mini podcasts. You can listen on the go, while you do household tasks, make a meal, or brush your teeth.

Download Reading Mode in the app store to get started today.

Source: 9to5Google