Netflix to let users filter their ‘My List’ on Android

This will make it easier to find content that you haven't started yet

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Netflix’s ‘My List’ feature is getting an improvement.

The update will come first to Android, allowing you to filter your list by movies, TV shows, ‘Started,’ and ‘Haven’t Started.’ You’ll also be able to sort by options like release dates and alphabetical order, according to a Netflix spokesperson who spoke to The Verge. The update will hit Android users on Monday and will be available on iOS in a few weeks.

Netflix will also add a ‘Coming Soon’ row to the home screen on the TV version of the app.

This is likely in addition to the ‘Coming Soon’ section of the app that shows what’s coming this week, this month and beyond. Like the section, the new row will let you set reminders on upcoming series and movies you’re interested in.

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Via: The Verge