YouTuber forced to read defamation sentence on camera each week, judge orders

Dalas Review defamed his ex-girlfriend's father on his channel

A YouTuber is now guilty of defaming his ex-girlfriend’s father and being forced into a strange punishment. A judge has ordered Dalas Review to read his sentence on his channel weekly for a month and pay her ex-girlfriend’s father nearly $13,000 USD (about $17,500 CAD) in damages, reports Gizmodo.

This sentence is part of the public fight between Dalas Review (Daniel Santomé) and his ex-girlfriend streamer, Miare’s Project (María Rubio). In the fight, Santomé called Rubio’s father an “abuser,” “an aggressor that’s full of shit,” and a “sick coward who’s messed up in the head” on his YouTube channel. Santomé even claimed that Rubio’s father even hits defenceless women.

Santomé posted nine videos insulting Rubio’s father, sharing them with his ten million followers on YouTube. Santomé believed that his words were protected by freedom of speech, but the judge disagreed.

“[It’s] hard to believe that anyone with an average level of intelligence could think that by using freedom of speech as an excuse they could say all of these insults, which are recognized as insults by the RAE [Royal Spanish Academy, the language’s governing body], freely on social media and believe that the target won’t feel attacked and that the system won’t respond,” the judge wrote.

Santomé also had to delete his nine videos, alongside paying in damages and had to read his sentence each week for the next month.

Santomé had this to say about the case.

Roughly, this translates to “Imagine that your girlfriend is beaten in front of you, your dog is stolen, you are harassed for years and when you respond with BAD WORDS to that guy, you are sentenced to pay $ “because you are a public figure.”

Source: Gizmodo