CCTS implements new complaint process to improve resolution rates

The new process involves four steps that can start with an online complaint

The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) has modernized the way it handles complaints.

The organization, which shares a roundup of complaints through annual reports, says these changes are the result of a long-standing review that started in 2019. The CCTS calls it the “most significant modernization project” in its 15-year history. 

The new process involves four steps. The first sees Canadians submit complaints for the CCTS to review if it falls under their mandate. The organization says the online process takes about 15 minutes and is the best way to contact them.

Step two is the “initial referral.” Here, the CCTS sends a copy of the complaint to the service provider with the expectation they’ll work with the complainant. This stage has a 20-day deadline, and the organization says “most complaints are resolved.”

However, CCTS says some complaints are more complicated than others and need to advance to step three. Here, the organization acts as a mediator to identify solutions.

“If you and your service provider cannot agree, we find out if they acted appropriately and reasonably in your case.”

The service provider will be subjected to apologize, correct the problem, or reimburse the customers if it fails to take suitable action. The CCTS can order companies to do more than one of the solutions.

The final step sees the provider make changes if the complainant accepts the findings. If the complainant rejects this, they can pursue other remedies outside of the CCTS.

We have worked tirelessly to make our complaint-handling services more effective, efficient, and transparent for customers and service providers,” said Maker, the organization’s CEO, said. 

Source: CCTS