Trouble with your Pixel fingerprint scanner? Try rubbing your nose

Apparently you need grease your grabbers for consistent Pixel fingerprint unlocks

Fingerprint scanner on a Pixel 7a.

Google’s Pixel smartphones are generally pretty good, but one common pain point many users have is the under-display fingerprint scanner. Sometimes it just doesn’t work even when your hands are clean and dry, though apparently, that might be the problem.

According to several posts going around on the Google Pixel subreddit, users having issues with the fingerprint scanner are getting it to work by getting their fingers a little dirty. The main trick involves wiping a finger on the side of your nose to transfer some facial oil to your finger, then using it to unlock the device.

Others have suggested just getting your finger or thumb wet and wiping it dry, dabbing it on your tongue, or even just using a bit of moisturizer. Judging by the responses on Reddit, it seems some people have had success with the trick.

Of course, you could also just re-enroll your finger after having issues because it’s too dry.

Despite how it sounds, this seems like a pretty reliable solution for fingerprint issues on Pixel phones. Heck, it’s even what Google intended. The company hasn’t responded to these specific posts, but one Redditor pointed to a fingerprint scanner support page that notes: “If you have excessively dry fingers, moisturize or re-enroll fingerprint.”

As Android Police points out, while this solution will work for some, the ideal would be Google making the jump to an improved ultrasonic fingerprint sensor like what you’d find in a Samsung Galaxy S phone. But until then, we can keep thumbing our noses at the Pixel’s fingerprint scanner.

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