Montreal’s Haven teases new PlayStation 5 IP, Fairgame$

This is the new game from Jade Raymond, the prolific producer who previously worked at Ubisoft, EA and Google Stadia


PlayStation opened its big May 24th Showcase with a cinematic trailer for Fairgame$, a new competitive heist game from Montreal-based Haven.

The Canadian developer, which is PlayStation’s only studio in the country, is working on a live service title, although we don’t know much about it otherwise. The reveal trailer didn’t offer much more clarity, either, showing a Watch Dogs-esque group of hackers infiltrating a laser-filled retreat.

On the PS Blog, creative director Mathieu Leduc described the game as a “modern-day Robin Hood” story centred around “a new type of PvP game with emergent sandbox gameplay.” The game is also confirmed to be coming to both PS5 and PC, although a release window wasn’t provided.

Haven is led by Canada’s Jade Raymond, the founder of Ubisoft Toronto, EA’s Motive studio in Montreal and, most recently, the former head of Stadia’s game division. She took some of her team from Stadia, as well as others from Montreal’s rich talent pool, to work on Fairgame$.

Fairgame$ will release on Xbox Series X/S and PC. For more information, check out the PlayStation Blog.

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Image credit: PlayStation