PlayStation unveils long-awaited handheld streaming device, Project Q

Enjoy your favourite PlayStation games in handheld mode

PlayStation unveiled its rumoured streaming device during its 2023 Showcase. Dubbed ‘Project Q,’ the handheld lets users stream games over a Wi-Fi connection. It has previously been reported on under the name the “Q-Lite.”

Project Q will launch “later this year.” It features an 8-inch HD screen and “all the buttons and features of the DualSense wireless controller.”

This is Sony’s first dedicated handheld since the PlayStation Vita, which was discontinued in 2019. Unlike the Vita, the Nintendo Switch, and the Steam Deck, Project Q is not dedicated hardware to run games on. Players will be streaming their games from a PlayStation 5 console to the handheld.

It’s unclear how much Project Q costs. It’s also unknown when this year it will be released, but November is the rumoured month based on a tweet from reporter Tom Henderson.

Alongside Project Q, Sony announced its first pair of wireless earbuds for “lossless audio,” compatible with PlayStation 5, PC, and smartphones.

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Update 25/05/2023: Added details about the rumoured release date.

Image credit: PlayStation (screenshot)