Google’s Pixel Tablet may get a fourth colour after all

The Pixel Tablet is set to release June 20th, 2023

The Pixel Tablet was first announced back in 2022. We learned more about it at this year’s Google I/O, including the tablet’s three colours: ‘Porcelain,’ ‘Rose’ and ‘Hazel.’

Now, according to 9to5Google, the Pixel Tablet has a fourth, unannounced colour: black.

The outlet reported in April that there would be four colourways for the Pixel Tablet and recently confirmed that the fourth will be black. The report comes weeks after Google announced the first three colours at I/O. The publication’s sources for information about a fourth colourway are unclear.

As a result of limited information about the colourway, we can only guess the details.

Pixel Tablet in black. Image credit: 9to5Google

The Porcelain and Rose Pixel Tablets use the same light-coloured dock, while the Hazel version has a Hazel dock to match. The black colourway might share the Hazel dock.

It’s unclear if the black colourway will be available to purchase at launch on June 20th, 2023. Right now, the three other colourways are available for preorder from Google for $699.

You can learn more about the Pixel Tablet by reading our hands-on with the tablet.

Source: 9to5Google Via: Android Police