Rogers, Bell increase data on several plans, now offer 50GB, 75GB, 150GB options

Telus made similar increases before the long weekend

Bell and Rogers logos on smartphones.

Heading into the long weekend, Rogers, Bell and Telus dropped $55/50GB plans. Though the plans were supposed to be available until May 23rd, they’ve lived on in some form or another alongside new 75GB plans.

Let’s start with Rogers. Originally, the Toronto-based provider discounted its ‘5G Infinite Essential’ plan to $55/mo for customers who also have Rogers home internet. The plan includes 50GB of 5G data at up to 1Gbps speeds.

However, Rogers has now brought the price back up to $65/mo, the same discounted price as before (the plan usually costs $85/mo before the bundling discount). Moreover, the Essential plan now has 75GB of data instead of the previous 50GB.

Meanwhile, Rogers’ base-level ‘5G Mobile’ plan saw its data double from 25GB to 50GB at 250Mbps speeds. The plan usually costs $65/mo but is discounted to $55/mo for home internet customers. However, the 50GB data does not include unlimited usage like the company’s other plans. It has an overage rate of $20 per GB.

Rogers plans as of May 25th, 2023.

Finally, Rogers’ ‘Infinite Premium’ plan still costs $75/mo with the bundle discounts but now includes a whopping 150GB of data, up from 100GB. This seems to be Rogers matching Telus, which rolled out a 150GB plan on May 19th.

There are a few caveats to keep in mind, of course. First, the bundle discount only lasts 24 months. Second, all of Rogers’ pricing includes a $5/mo automatic payments discount. That means if, like me, you prefer to manually pay your bills so you can more easily catch the price hikes these companies try to sneak in, you’ll have to pay $5 more per month.

You can check out Rogers’ plans here.


Bell plans as of May 25th, 2023

Bell has also boosted the data on its plans, though the pricing doesn’t match what Rogers offers.

First, Bell has a ‘Promo 50’ plan with 50GB of 5G data (up to 250Mbps). This plan previously had 25GB of data. It’s worth noting Bell limits the plan to “SD video streaming,” and the overage cost is $20/GB up to 8GB, followed by $0.02/MB thereafter (which works out to roughly $20/GB anyway).

Next, Bell discounted its ‘Essential’ plan to $55/mo for customers who bundle it with home services. The plan also now has 75GB of data, up from 50GB.

Finally, Bell’s $75/mo plan now offers 150GB of data, up from 100GB.

Check out Bell’s plans here.


Finally, Vancouver-based Telus hasn’t significantly changed its plans since increasing data for several options on May 19th. It also still offers the $55/mo 50GB plan for customers who bundle other Telus services.