See friends’ locations and more in upcoming Google Contacts update

Know more about the people in your life

Google Contacts Android app will soon receive new functionality. The app’s updated hidden design and features were first spotted by @Nail_Sadykov on Twitter.

Most changes will appear on an individual’s contact page.

The buttons (Call, Text, etc.) at the top will be placed in bubbles, as well as the contact picture. If you’ve entered a location for that person, it now details the weather and time of day wherever they are. Finally, if their live location is shared with you, a new Google Maps box tells you where they are (or wherever they were the last time Google Maps uploaded their location).

In the ‘Highlights’ tab, only one extra feature seems to be on the way. A new ‘Suggestions’ box will appear, telling you which contacts you, well, contact a lot, but who aren’t already in your Favourites list.

It’s unknown when the update to Google Contacts will roll out, but it might arrive as part of Android 14. Android 14 is currently in beta. The OS update is expected to get a full release this fall.

Source: @Nail_Sadykov Via: Android Police