Vancouver-made 2D action game Rift Rangers launches on PC

Rift Rangers

Vancouver-based Epic Story Interactive has launched a new 2D action roguelike, Rift Rangers. 

Inspired by Ultraman-style Japanese tokusatsu (“special effects”), the game sees players join a sentai (military) unit and fight against invading aliens. Gameplay-wise, Rift Rangers mixes roguelike and bullet hell elements to create fast and frenetic combat.

The game was in early access for five months, which Epic Story says led to strong feedback and “a plethora of adjustments, added features and expanded content.” The developer is also promising a variety of post-launch updates, including a brand-new level and playable Ranger.

Rift Rangers is now available on Steam. The game normally costs $6.49 but will be sold for $5.84 until May 31st as part of a special launch discount.

Image credit: Epic Story Interactive